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Landscape Sketches

Astrid Hood provides personalized artistic drawings of your home and lawn. These sketches can provide you with landscape design ideas for your home and garden.

The sketches are overlaid over an image of your home, making it easy to visualize how the end result may look when implemented.

Example BEFORE & AFTER Sketches

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Home Portrait Drawings

Astrid Hood provides artistic portrait drawings of your home or business that can be proudly framed and displayed in any room in your home or business, or even outdoors on a sign to promote your business.

The portraits give you an artistic view of your home that will be cherished for years.

Example Portrait Drawings

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Landscape Architecture

Astrid Hood can also provide full Landscape Architecture services and has experience working on a variety of different types of projects. From home landscape design ideas, to much larger corporate enterprises.

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These are some examples of the Landscape Architecture projects that Astrid Hood has worked on.

Landscape Design Plans and "Before & After" Photos

Pen and Ink Illustrations, Mixed Media and Water Colours

About Astrid Hood

Astrid Hood

Astrid Hood obtained her degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph. She has working experience as a professional Landscape Architect with many years experience in landscape design, land planning and artistic drawings.

Astrid has experience working on a variety of landscape design projects, from large corporate enterprises, to the small front lawn design.

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